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Who’s Out There–It’s a Puzzlement

14 Sep 2017, 11:05 UTC
Who’s Out There–It’s a Puzzlement
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There is a significant disagreement about where life most likely came to
be on Earth: 1) in deep sea alkaline hydrothermal vents or 2) in drier
surface areas bubbling with geysers “…bringing hot…and rich gases”
together. Hydrogen cyanide and sulfide could collect and react with the
help of UV radiation to self-replicate. Lab studies have shown that
blocks of DNA can arise this way.
The other theory–that life began in the sea–emphasizes the need for an
initial source of energy to get life started. It questions the source of
fossil cells (stromatolites) claimed to be found in 3 to 4
billion-year-old rocks in Australia. A summary article in
September/October 2017 popsci.com reports that the two differing groups
of theorists do agree on one thing–that life on Earth appeared more
quickly than previously thought–perhaps in a few million years, not
In trying to be realistic about the origins of life, both here and
anywhere, we face several dilemmas. One is the apparent fact that life
happened only once on Earth–and only three basic kinds of life
survived, to evolve or not, over the eons. In addition, we complex
organisms wouldn’t have happened if the pre-mitochondrial organisms
hadn’t indulged in symbiosis ...

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