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13 Sep 2017, 17:36 UTC
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This week, I’m excited to present this guest post from two of our users, Dan Caselden and Paul Westin. They wrote their own tool for viewing the WISE data, called “WiseView”. It provides some useful options you won’t find at the backyardworlds.org site. Enjoy!
Marc Kuchner

As you may know, the images at ByW: P9 all ultimately come from a database called unWISE, which is a project that reprocesses WISE single exposures to generate coadded images with improved clarity. Since we citizen scientists with ByW: P9 are always eager to know more about our subjects, we found ourselves often visiting the unWISE site to obtain different views of our favorite patches of sky.
However, we felt that unWISE’s packaging could stand to be a little more user friendly. So, after a while, we decided to add a friendly wrapper, to make this data easier to examine, and share it with you. We’re a far cry from User Interface/User Experience professionals, but, hey, it’s a start!

Our tool, wiseview (http://byw.tools/wiseview), displays two sets of cutouts (i.e., portions of larger images of the sky). At the top, wiseview flashes coadded imagery from the WISE satellite. These cutouts come from unWISE. unWISE currently ...

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