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Spirit Sol 502

1 Jun 2010, 23:24 UTC
Spirit Sol 502
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At the SOWG meeting, there's a controversy about the RAT. Fortunately, I've been warned about this in email from Ashitey: he says we're still worried about the badly worn RAT causing the IDD to damage itself through vibration, even when just brushing (everyone agrees grinding is out) and that the Honeybee guys are wrongly suggesting there's no problem.Which is exactly what happens at the SOWG: when Steve asks about it, the Honeybee guy says there's no problem. "We've seen lots of lost-contact events even back to the beginning of the mission," he argues, suggesting that the events we see now don't imply the arm is actually vibrating dangerously. Steve doesn't just take the RAT guy's word for it, though; he wants more imaging as part of a diagnostic that will eliminate all doubt. Since that's exactly what Ashitey asked me to ask for, I spot my cue and pipe up. "Yeah, Steve, we'd like HAZCAM, PANCAM, and NAVCAM of the RAT brush and teeth before we stow at this location." I've already looked through past sols and found the last time we did this (sol 426), which will make it easy to do again, tomorrow or whenever."Sounds like we're pretty ...

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