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Spudis and Zubrin Don't Understand The Problem with NASA

1 Jun 2010, 16:57 UTC
Spudis and Zubrin Don't Understand The Problem with NASA
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SPUDIS & ZUBRIN: NASA's mission to nowhere Big, fat, pointless and expensive describes plan to twiddle our fingers By Paul D. Spudis and Robert Zubrin Monday, May 31, 2010 for The Washington Times.

It is shocking that Dr. Paul Spudis and Dr. Robert Zubrin are fighting so hard for a program which will only delay their dreams, as long as it exists. The Vision for Space Exploration at first seemed a miracle that NASA had finally seen the light but it soon became corrupted by shuttle culture. The Vision soon lost all talk of permanence, and insitu resource utilization and developed into a jobs program which used the Moon and Mars as an excuse for continuation of the shuttle architecture with its extraordinarily high costs because of its standing army. The The dependence of the shuttle architecture on it standing army justifies its existence while assuring neither the Moon or Mars will ever be developed due to so the extremely high costs of continuing to maintain the standing army.

Jobs programs are by definition more expensive then the alternative which isn't a jobs program. Jobs programs will also always be expensive. The reason launch costs are high is that ...

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