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A Closer Look at Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne

13 Aug 2017, 09:26 UTC
A Closer Look at Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne
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LauncherOne ignites after being released from Cosmic Girl 747. (Credit: Virgin Galactic)
Virgin Orbit has released a service guide for its LauncherOne. Below are excerpts from the document. You can read the full guide here.

LauncherOne System (Credit: Virgin Orbit)
Payload Capability

Up to 300 kg / 661 lbm to 500 km / 270 nmi Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO)
Up to 500 kg / 1100 lbm to 230 km / 124 nmi circular 0 degree inclination Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

LauncherOne sample payload configurations (Credit: Virgin Orbit)
Payload Dynamic Volume

1262 mm / 49.7 inch constant cylindrical diameter
2123 mm / 83.6 inch constant cylindrical length
3543 mm / 139.5 inch overall payload fairing envelope length

Launch Altitudes/Inclinations
Orbital payload delivery performance curves (Credit: Virgin Orbit)

Up to 1200 km depending upon payload and inclination
West Coast US (Mojave Air and Space Port): 60 to 180 degrees inclination
East Coast US : 0 to 60 degrees inclination

Launch Schedule

Flexibility to conduct launch from any licensed spaceport facility
Emphasis on reducing time-to-launch; 6 months for a typical primary payload
Flexible launch windows to accommodate schedule changes/variation

LauncherOne payload processing in Long Beach. (Credit: Virgin Orbit)
Payload Processing

Independently-operated customer payload processing ...

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