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Cosmic Ray Detector Heading to ISS

12 Aug 2017, 09:19 UTC
Cosmic Ray Detector Heading to ISS
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The mystery of cosmic rays will be explored in a new detector to be launched to the International Space Station.
The detector is called CREAM short for the Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass mission. The CREAM detectors have flown before on balloons as far back as 2004 and 2016 at altitudes of around 35 km (120,000 feet) so the technology is not new. This time around being at the ISS, the detector will be able to measure the highest energy cosmic rays so far.
Cosmic rays are constantly raining down on Earth mostly from outside our solar system. Most any astrophotographer has seen evidence of cosmic rays at white pixel anomalies in their photographs.
The launch date: 14 August 2017
More information on CREAM and cosmic rays.

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