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Mars calling Earth… Mars calling Earth…

6 Aug 2017, 07:12 UTC
Mars calling Earth… Mars calling Earth…
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Images have started to come back from Opportunity (and Curiosity) again, so it seems that the latest “solar conjunction” is over and the phone lines between Earth and Mars are open again. For the past couple of weeks the Sun has been between the two planets, making communication between them very difficult, so there has been very little to report or show here. But now the websites which post the images returned from Mars are displaying lots of new pictures, so it seems all is well, and surely it won’t be long now until Oppy is rolling down Perseverance Valley.
I’m busy playing catch-up now, downloading new images and processing them. Here are my latest images which hope you’ll enjoy…

I really am pleased with that last image. I’ve removed some of the distortion of the view, rotated it a little to flatten the horizon and show that Opportunity is on a slope, and added some colour to make it a little more martian, but PLEASE note I’m not suggesting for a moment that it’s supposed to be real colour; it’s more of an “artistic take” on the raw image Opportunity sent back.
Check back soon for more news and ...

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