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Humanity needs science to survive and thrive (Synopsis)

25 Jul 2017, 14:47 UTC
Humanity needs science to survive and thrive (Synopsis)
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“Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
The enterprise of science is one of the most misunderstood in all of society. Some view it as its own religion; others view it as a political ideology gussied up in smart-sounding clothes; still others view it as open to interpretation. But science is none of those things, and is rather the full suite of knowledge humanity has accumulated along with our process of discovery, investigation, and ongoing hard work.
Astronaut candidates Tyler N. (Nick) Hague, Andrew R. Morgan and Nicole A. Mann, as they look over a chart that will help sustain them for three days in the wilderness. Image credit: NASA / Lauren Harnett.
When we look at why humanity is so successful as a species, it’s rooted in our ability to understand the natural world. We’ve learned how a variety of systems work, independently and together, and have figured out how various influence affect it. This has led to advances in everything from agriculture, health, safety, and medicine to Earth science, astronomy, and particle physics.
The stars within and beyond the Pillars of Creation are revealed in the infrared. ...

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