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The Road to Endeavour

Opportunity Enters Perseverance Valley

7 Jul 2017, 21:04 UTC
Opportunity Enters Perseverance Valley
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After carrying out a detailed “walkabout” study of the terrain at the entrance to Perseverance Valley during the past few weeks, it seems that Opportunity has finally trundled over the edge and started to drive down into the valley. We know this because the rear cameras show this view…

…and her forward cameras show this view… *downhill*…

And if you look closely at that last image you’ll see what appears to be a small crater just up ahead. Looking for that crater on an image of PV (as I’m going to call it from now, I think, to save typing time) allows us to work out really well just where Oppy has got to. And she’s here…

Here’s a closer and rather more detailed view of that crater… this is a processed, stitched together mosaic of two separate images sent back by Oppy…

Haven’t found any reference to a name yet, but I’m sure it will be christened in due course. And we’ll get a closer look at the crater after the next drive, I imagine.
Today was a very appropriate day for Opportunity to roll into Perseverance Valley, because it’s a big anniversary day for our brave girl: ...

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