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22 Jun 2017, 00:14 UTC
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Wikipedia dixit:
“Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) is a NASA Earth observation satellite created to develop and validate a number of instrument and spacecraft bus breakthrough technologies. These will enable the development of future Earth imaging observatories that will have a significant increase in performance while also having reduced cost and mass. The spacecraft is part of the New Millennium Program.
Its Advanced Land Imager (ALI) measures nine different wavelengths simultaneously, instead of the seven measured by the imager in Landsat 7. This permits a greater flexibility in false-color imagery. Another improvement is that instead of having an imaging spectrometer that sweeps from side to side, the ALI has a linear array of spectrometers that each scan a strip of ground parallel to that of adjacent spectrometers. In order to compare the two imagers, EO-1 follows Landsat 7 in its orbit by exactly one minute. Other new technologies include: Hyperion imaging spectrometer recording more than 200 wavelengths; phased array communications antenna; optical fiber cables connect the data logger with the two IBM RAD6000s; teflon-fueled pulsed plasma thruster; lightweight, flexible solar panel; carbon-coated radiators for thermal control; Linear Etalon Imaging Spectrometer Array equipped with a new atmospheric correction device.
EO-1 has also been ...

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