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Is Trump the New JFK of Space?

19 Jun 2017, 15:19 UTC
Is Trump the New JFK of Space?
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Yeah, I don’t think so….
OK, let me clarify that. I’ve seen no real signs so far that Trump wants to do anything really bold in space. That could change; never say never. But, it’s been five months, and he hasn’t even gotten around to nominating a NASA administrator yet. His FY 2018 budget proposal doesn’t include anything novel.
“Mr. Trump’s charisma, vision, and style are reminiscent of JFK…”
Mmmmm…..no. Definitely not.
Here’s a challenge for you guys for the comments sections: JFK’s greatest and most inspiring quotes side-by-side with Trump’s worst quotes and Tweets. Don’t limit yourself to space.
Read the full op-ed piece.

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