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A problem with Opportunity..?

11 Jun 2017, 19:24 UTC
A problem with Opportunity..?
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Hmmm. Maybe. We’ll see. It might be nothing. Nobody panic, ok? We’ll just keep an eye on this, reported in NASA’s own regular “status update” on our amazing rover…
“On Sol 4750 (June 4, 2017), the plan was to perform a short, tight backward arc, but the left-front steering actuator stalled. With the left-front wheel steered to more than 30 degrees from straight, the focus of the team is first to assess whether this stall was a terrain related phenomenon. So, on Sol 4752 (June 6, 2017), the rover arced back without steering the left-front wheel and imaged the location of the steering stall. Although there is evidence to suggest a terrain effect, it is not conclusive. The next step will be a careful attempt to straighten the left-front wheel. The plan on Sol 4754 (June 8, 2017) is to gently turn the wheel straight.”
Translation? Oppy’s left front wheel is stalled, stuck at an angle off to one side, but they’re going to try to straighten it. As I said, don’t panic, it might be nothing. It probably IS nothing.
Anyway, apologies for the lack of posts for a week or so (did anyone notice? Hello? Is anyone out ...

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