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Jupiter Lost His Belt-OH MY!

15 May 2010, 16:40 UTC
Jupiter Lost His Belt-OH MY!
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These comparison photos of Jupiter taken by amateur astronomer Anthony
Wesley and posted by The Planetary Society show the planet's lost
Southern Equatorial Belt on May 9, 2010. Jupiter is currently shining very brightly in the eastern sky before sunrise. Amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley, revealed in his astrophotograph that the huge reddish band of clouds that make
up the planet's Southern Equatorial Belt has faded from view. There may have been some signs last fall that Jupiter was going into possibloy a fading southern belt period, but it was lost to viewers when it went behind the sun. Astronomers and Astrophotographers were eager to see if the band did indeed disappear once the planet reemerged for viewing recently. As it moves further away from the sun from earth's vantage point, it will be even easier to view and take images. We may also be able to see the belt reappear later this year or early next year. Click here for more

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