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Denver Astronomical Society

The Joys of Astronomy on the Road

13 Jul 2015, 18:18 UTC
The Joys of Astronomy on the Road
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President’s Message – July 2015
Ron Hranac, DAS President
What comes to mind when you read the phrase, “astronomy on the road”? Loading your scope and accessories in the trunk of your car and heading for a favorite observing site? Carrying binoculars or a small scope on a business or vacation trip? Visiting an observatory, planetarium, or science museum in another state? Reading your favorite astro magazine during a flight? One of the enjoyable aspects of amateur astronomy is that it can be done just about anywhere. Though it’s easy to take a scope or binoculars out into your front yard, or make a short trip to the Chamberlin Observatory or the DAS dark-sky site, there’s no reason to limit astronomy to familiar local activities. Over the years, I’ve done a fair amount of personal and business travel, and in many instances have been able to make astronomy on the road part of that travel.
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and return there from time to time to visit family. More often than not, I take a small scope or binoculars along for the trip. My wife’s sister and her husband are
semi-retired farmers–I say semi-retired because farmers ...

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