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Sunspots and CME’s on May 5,2010

9 May 2010, 01:17 UTC
Sunspots and CME’s on May 5,2010
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I have again been quite busy and when time does allow,I try to make some time to bring my scopes out.With our Sun becoming a little more active (and the weather cooperating) I take a chance and set them up.I started observing the sun on May5th at around 1pm’ish and immediately noticed some interesting areas that grabbed my attention.Through the PST these areas appeared as white blotches that indicated that sunspot formation was possible.While,I had my solar scope tuned to the sun,I decided to connect the white light filter to the big scope and noticed a small sunspot formation on the western limb of the suns northern hemisphere.
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The next image in H-Alpha is oriented pretty close and matches the above image…
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I tried to show in the previous post the CME that I had images of but,I couldn’t make out the ejection to well either.I am still astounded at the idea of actually capturing this event.I just wish I had a better alignment so I could have made a real time lapse movie instead of the jumpy one I have…lol.
Their were many different prominences scattered around the disc and even see ...

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