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The Lined Wolf

Eta Carinae and the Keyhole Nebula

4 Apr 2017, 14:51 UTC
Eta Carinae and the Keyhole Nebula
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Diffuse gas and dust in the heart of the Carina Nebula. The bright star is
Eta Carinae, a massive double star at the end of its live that will soon explode
as a supernova. The “Keyhole” is the dark cloud in the centre of the image.
Image taken as part of the “ABC Stargazing Live” events, 4 – 6 April 2017.
Data taken on 3rd April 2017 using the CACTI camera in 2dF at the
3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope. Color image using B (12 x 60s, blue)
+ [O III] (12 x 60 s, green) + Hα (12 x 60 s, red) filters.
More sizes and high-resolution image in my Flickr.
Credit: Ángel R. López-Sánchez (Australian Astronomical Observatory and Macquarie University), Steve Lee, Robert Patterson & Robert Dean (AAO), Night assistant at the AAT: Wiston Campbell (AAO).Filed under: Astrophotography, Astrophysics, Dark Nebulae, Emission Nebula, Massive Stars, Nebulae, Observation, Optical, Outreach, Profesional, Stars, Wavelengths Tagged: 2017, AAO, AAT, astronomy, CACTI, Carina Nebula, Eta Carinae, Keyhole, Nebula, Stargazing

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