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Cassini Returning Enceladus Gravity Data

3 May 2010, 14:24 UTC
Cassini Returning Enceladus Gravity Data
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NASA's Cassini spacecraft successfully completed its 26-hour gravity
observation at Saturn's moon Enceladus last week, sending back data
scientists will use to understand the moon's interior composition and
structure.The flyby took Cassini through the water-rich plume flaring out from
Enceladus' south polar region, with a closest approach of about 100
kilometers (60 miles) occurring in the late afternoon of April 27,
2010, Pacific Time, or just after midnight April 28 UTC.Radio science was prime during the flyby and controlled spacecraft
pointing. The optical instruments were not pointed at Enceladus during
most of the flyby, so the imaging camera obtained some more distant
pictures.Next Enceladus FlyBy is may 18th, 2010Click here to learn more

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