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Rocketology: NASA’s Space Launch System

Next Generation Wants Its Mars Shot

6 May 2016, 18:08 UTC
Next Generation Wants Its Mars Shot
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By Beverly Perry
We don’t know who will take those first steps on Martian soil, ushering in the age of humans as a multi-planetary species. But we do already know a couple things about those first intrepid explorers: They’re taking steps on Earth right now; and they belong to a generation that is tech-savvy, and raised on the internet and social media. But do today’s students think about exploring beyond this world and into deep space?
Members of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s rocketry team said at NASA’s Student Launch competition that they look forward to NASA’s Journey to Mars and aspire to be a part of it.
“Every day – we can’t get enough of that stuff!” said Ben Collins from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on a recent windy morning that was spent launching rockets in a field north of Huntsville. Collins and his teammates were among 51 student rocketry teams that competed in various challenges and sent their amateur rockets soaring during the 16th annual Student Launch rocketry challenge April 13-16.
Members of Tuskegee University’s rocketry team enjoy their day at NASA Marshall’s Student Launch.
At this year’s Student Launch, middle and high school students and university ...

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