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"Zealandia" --Evidence Emerges for an Eighth "Lost Continent" We Didn't Know Existed (VIDEO)

17 Feb 2017, 17:04 UTC
"Zealandia" --Evidence Emerges for an Eighth "Lost Continent" We Didn't Know Existed (VIDEO)
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Earth may have a continent we didn't even know existed, scientists say. "If the elevation of Earth's solid surface had first been mapped in the same way as those of Mars and Venus - which lack the arbitrary datums of opaque liquid oceans - we contend that Zealandia would, much earlier, have been investigated and identified as one of Earth's continents," according to geological scientists in a report by the BBC.
The team of geologists have argued in the research that New Zealand and New Caledonia aren't actually a series of islands - but rather part of an ancient 5 million square kilometer continent called 'Zealandia.' Ninety-four percent of Zealandia's landmass is hidden beneath the ocean, with mountains breaching the ocean's surface to form what we recognize as the island of New Zealand and New Caledonia.
The submerged land mass resides in the southwest Pacific Ocean adjacent to Australia. At nearly two million square miles, it meets the elevation and geology criteria to be considered a continent. Using satellite technology and maps of the seafloor, the scientists have concluded Zealandia is actually not as broken up as once thought and should be listed as one continuous continent next to the ...

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