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Firing a gun into the air can kill someone (Synopsis)

15 Feb 2017, 15:54 UTC
Firing a gun into the air can kill someone (Synopsis)
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“I’ve heard it said that God made all men, but Samuel Colt made all men equal. We’d see what Mr. Colt could do for a woman.” ― Cherie Priest
Bullets are incredibly dangerous when fired from a gun, but that’s true even when they’re fired up in the air, not at a target directly. Falling, stray bullets can still reach very large speeds, large enough to break the skin and cause internal damage, potentially even killing someone.
A 0.50 caliber bullet wound of the face. The patient was injured while heating a 0.50 caliber incendiary machine gun bullet with a blowtorch in a World War II-era accident. Image credit: the National Museum of Health and Medicine.
There are huge variations in what can happen depending on the weight and size of the bullet, the angle it was fired at, your altitude, the thickness and elasticity of the skin it strikes and where it impacts you. The most dangerous times are New Years and 4th of July in urban areas, and there are numerous documented cases of injury and death resulting.
Various weights, sizes and calibers of bullets. Even at the same muzzle velocity, when fired up, these bullets will all ...

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