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Demand Action on Base Load Solar Power

22 Apr 2010, 17:18 UTC
Demand Action on Base Load Solar Power
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Demand Action on Base Load Solar Power

Base load power is reliable 24 hour a day power. How can solar power be reliable 24 hours a day? Put the collector where the sun always shines, Space.

An idea for a Conference on Space Solar Power was the most popular idea across the entire government on the Open Government Ideascale. It was the most popular idea for NASA, the Department of Energy and for the Office of Science and Technology Policy. The reaction has been mainly to ignore it. OSTP saying it is not specific enough. DOE saying nothing about enacting any of the hundreds of ideas proposed by the public. NASA is saying a space solar power conference is infeasible and unpractical. A conference is infeasible and unpractical?
To make it more clear that it is being ignored at the time this is being written opengovtracker.com is down and no longer showing the most popular ideas from Open Government Ideascale. Also the site to comment on the NASA Open Government Plan is not functioning even though they promised it would be up by April 14th. (http://opennasaplan.ideascale.com/)
The idea which these three agencies refuse to act on is "Hold a ...

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