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CAP 2010

21 Apr 2010, 21:16 UTC
CAP 2010
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Por Nuno / By Nuno

lor:#0000ff;">From the palette of experiences that I was aware of, two groups of ideas stood out. The first, that there is no a great mystery in the learning of Astronomy. The mystery lies in how we, as humans beings, become aware of that knowledge. The second relates to the importance of this science to mankind and to one of a few of my acts of faith (to wit, that I truly believe that science can help the world become a better place). According to the strategic plan 2010-2020 of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) for the development of the world, the growth of a country lies on three pillars: technology and skills, science and research, culture and society. Astronomy is an extremely effective way to achieve these objectives. Combines science and technology with inspiration, enthusiasm and excitement. Therefore, it can play a unique role in education and the ability to build and maintain a sustainable development of the world. It also allows poor countries and least developed ones to participate in high level research projects.
Although the investment in pure research is much, much smaller than the military effort (some countries also spent more money ...

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