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The Lined Wolf

Multiwavelength image of the spiral galaxy M 101

31 Jan 2017, 05:03 UTC
Multiwavelength image of the spiral galaxy M 101
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Multiwavelength image of nearby spiral galaxy M 101 combining ultraviolet (light blue), optical (green), near infrared (yellow), H-alpha and 8 microns mid-infrared (red) and 21 cm HI emission (dark blue). Each colour prepresents an important component of the galaxy: massive stars (light blue), stars (green and yellow), star-forming gas and dust (red) and neutral hydrogen (dark blue)
Compare with the Astronomical Picture of the Day on 13 July 2012 apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap120713.html
Data credit: UV data (GALEX): Gil de Paz et al. 2007, ApJS, 173, 185; R and Hα data (KPNO): Hoopes et al. 2001, ApJ, 559, 878; Near-Infrared data (2MASS): Jarrett et al. 2003, AJ, 125, 525, 8 microns data (Spitzer): Dale et al. 2009, ApJ, 703, 517; 21cm HI data (VLA): Walter et al. 2008, AJ, 136, 2563, ”The H I Nearby Galaxy Survey”.
Credit of the composition: Ángel R. López-Sánchez (AAO/MQ).
More sizes and high resolution image in My Flickr.Filed under: Astrophysics, Galaxies, Mid Infrared, Near Infrared, Optical, Radio, Spiral Galaxies, Ultraviolet, Wavelengths Tagged: 2017, astronomy, M 101, Multiwavelength, Spiral Galaxies

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