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Climate science isn’t political. Lying about it is. (Synopsis)

18 Jan 2017, 21:47 UTC
Climate science isn’t political. Lying about it is. (Synopsis)
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“There are now dozens of hockey sticks and the all come to the same basic conclusion. The recent warming does appear to be unprecedented as far bas as we can go. But even if we didn’t have that evidence, we would still know that humans are warming the planet, changing the climate and that represents a threat if we don’t do something about it.” -Michael Mann
The latest climate science results are out, and 2016 was the hottest year on record. Again. Breaking the previous record… from 2015. Which broke the previous record of 2014. In fact, of the 17 hottest years on record, 16 of them have occurred in the 21st century.
At an average warming rate of 0.07º C per decade, the Earth’s temperature has not only increased, but continues to increase without any relief in sight. Image credit: NOAA National Centers for Environmental information, Climate at a Glance: Global Time Series, published January 2017, retrieved on January 18, 2017 from http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cag/.
The question isn’t whether the Earth is warming (it is), whether it’s human-caused (it is), whether burning fossil fuels is the major contributor (it is), or whether we need to do something about it (we do). ...

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