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Mission to Mars

15 Dec 2016, 14:33 UTC
Mission to Mars
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NASA has a plan to send people to Mars. This will be a great accomplishment, since the only other planetary object that humans have walked on was our closest neighbor; the Moon. Besides exploring the moon, NASA has remotely explored Mars for 40 plus years. This involved sending satellites and rovers to peer and poke red planet. One important rover that will be sent out is Mars 2020. This particular mission will study the availability of Martian resources for future manned missions, most importantly oxygen.
Accessible oxygen will be the critical component, since NASA has plans to send humans to Mars by 2024-2030. Mars, being months away from Earth, will provide serious obstacles for any astronauts who will embark on this mission. Mars One will help with establishing this home away from home. It is Mars One’s goal to establish the key infrastructure for a human settlement on Mars — the next giant leap for humankind (see Figure 1).

Fig. 1: Settlement Design

SettlementMars One – NASA’s design for a human settlement on Mars (Credit: NASA)

Mars represents the first big stepping stone for humanity, as we voyage ...

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