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Carnival Of The Space Geeks (Celestial Spider)

13 Apr 2010, 00:11 UTC
Carnival Of The Space Geeks (Celestial Spider)
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(Image Credit: No Where Nevada)
Last weeks Carnival of Space was hosted by Kathryn Laurent of Celestial Spider. Articles ranged from time machines to free falling from space to how to analyze the atmosphere of another planet.
Articles ranging within our own star system include:

Paul Spudis of The Once and Future Moon has an excellent post analyzing how NASA lost its way, which can be summed up in three words: lack of vision.
Brian Wang from Next Big Future has an excellent post about Nuclear rockets and Space planes.
Louise Riofrio from A Babe in the Universe shows her displeasure about the closing of Constellation.

Be sure to check out the rest of the articles, and if you are a space geek with a blog, website or podcast, feel free to contact Universe Today for details on how to enter.

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