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The Lined Wolf

AAT Outreach Exercise: “LMC Little Gems with CACTI”

23 Nov 2016, 23:55 UTC
AAT Outreach Exercise: “LMC Little Gems with CACTI”
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Today, Thursday 24th November I’m the scheduled support astronomer at the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT). It is a “2dF+AAOmega service night”, meaning that I’ll be observing “service programs”, that is, science projects that require less than 6 hours in total to be completed, using the 2dF+AAOmega instruments at the 3.9m AAT.
Additionally, I’ve requested additional ~30 minutes to try to use the new CACTI camera to get a new, nice outreach image of an interesting object. As I did last May I’m asking the public to please provide feedback and help us to decide.
What do you want the AAT observes tonight?
For today’s observations I have chosen 4 objects located in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), that is why I’ve called the experiment “LMC Little Gems using CACTI”.
The chosen 4 objects are these:
1. Stellar cluster + Nebula NGC 1949
2. Globular cluster NGC 2121
3. Supernova remnant NGC 2018
4. Stellar cluster + Nebula NGC 1850
Objects chosen for the “LMC Little Gems with CACTI” Outreach Exercise at the AAT. From top left to bottom right they are: 1. Stellar cluster + Nebula NGC 1949, 2. Globular cluster NGC 2121, 3. SN remnant NGC 2018, 4. Stellar ...

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