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Art-chitecture from Mars

More Goofy Art

23 Aug 2016, 20:51 UTC
More Goofy Art
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So we’re packing up the hab now, half or more of everything I even had has been packed and is ready to ship back to Honolulu. Between doing chores and trying to eat all the good food left in the hab, I of course have been doodling a bit more. Today’s theme, the sea!
I’m a lover of puns (who isn’t right?) and lately my drawings have been reflecting that a bit. I also have something of a fascination with the octopus, it’s in several of my other drawings, and one night when I’d had a bit too much chocolate and was sugar-high I thought octo as in octopus and puss as in a cat. Like Puss in Boots, but an octopus!
It’s hard living in my head at times, yeah…
I didn’t actually manage to save progress drawings of this one, because it was all done entirely on the computer (didn’t really sketch it) and it’s a simple flat style of art, so it sort of just came together really fast and sketch layers were rapidly painted over. But still, the work amuses me and I love to share, so here ya go!
One of the lesser known sea ...

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