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Gravity - The Love Story II: Starstruck!

2 Nov 2012, 14:21 UTC
Gravity - The Love Story II: Starstruck!
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So, where was I when I last posted... Ahh... The great corny love story between two objects bound together by gravity. I started that post asking what would happen to the Earth if the Sun were to suddenly become a black hole. Many people think that the Earth would be sucked in because they assume that a black hole will suck everything into it like water going down a drain. But, from careful examination of the universal law of gravitation and the story it tells, we see that isn't the case and the Earth will stay in the same orbit that is it now - no closer and no farther away. But what about an object flying by a black hole (or any other massive object) instead of being in a nice stable orbit (like the Earth is in the previous example)? This makes things a little more complicated, so I am going to let go of telling a love story. That being said, there will be more equations here, but like the previous love story post the equations will only serve to help tell the story and we will not be using any numbers.THE FATE OF A COSMIC WANDERERInstead ...

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