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Here's Your Chance to Help LISA Happen!

22 May 2013, 18:52 UTC
Here's Your Chance to Help LISA Happen!
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A depiction of a LISA satellite with its lasers. I've written about LISA several times on this blog and most of those times the news hasn't been good. Today I have a bit of encouraging news and a way for you to help!For readers who've recently found Living LIGO, LISA is a space-based gravitational wave detector that will be sensitive to lower frequency gravitational waves than any Earth-based counterpart ever will be. Gathering gravitational-wave information from low frequencies will help complete the picture that gravitational-wave astronomy can paint; Earth-based detectors are really only sensitive to the "death throes" of violent astrophysical interactions while LISA will be sensitive to these same sources in their youth. This youth stage is so long that the predominant noise source for LISA is continually measuring the gravitational waves from these young sources coming from all over the sky at the same time. This is called the "confusion limit" and it is like trying to listen to a conversation on the other side of the room at a busy party. This can be overcome, but what a wonderful problem to have! The noise you measure is really just measuring so many gravitational waves at the same ...

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