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Living LIGO

Living LIGO's Belated 3rd Anniversary

9 Oct 2013, 17:46 UTC
Living LIGO's Belated 3rd Anniversary
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This past Saturday, 5 October, was the 3rd anniversary of the Living LIGO blog (you can see the first ever post here). I remember that because it also happens to be my birthday - I started this out of a desire to do something I always wanted to so what a better day to start than your own birthday. (If you must know, I've just celebrated the 6th anniversary of turning 29.)I know it has been a long time since I've posted. I've been teaching at LSU and doing research at LIGO. On paper my life looks great but the reality is that there are many details, both personal and professional, that have added up to me not being in a great place for a while. I've been getting my jobs done but after that I've been pretty exhausted, at least mentally. This has happened to me before, so I thought I would direct you to my thoughts on what it's like being down but getting up again anyway here. (Also see my last section below: "A WORD OF ADVICE...".)But there is one thought that has come up many times in the last few months: "I'd like to write a ...

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