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Advanced LIGO is Here!

1 Jun 2015, 19:16 UTC
Advanced LIGO is Here!
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I've been away from all of you for a little over a year due to many factors including teaching new courses, starting new research projects, and more than a few personal reasons. However, I wanted to let all of you know about the status of Advanced LIGO (spoiler: it's done) and that I will be back to posting on this blog on a regular basis.ADVANCED LIGOOn 20 October 2010, Initial LIGO (iLIGO) recorded its last bits of science data [read the blog post here]. At that time, we were taking some of the most sensitive gravitational wave data and we thought we may have recorded a real gravitational wave (it was a fake signal purposefully placed in the data to test our ability to find real gravitational waves, but we didn't know that at the time [you can read all about it here]). The metaphorical "keys" to the detector were transferred from operations to the aLIGO installation team.In the nearly 5 years since iLIGO, we've removed all of the old instrumentation, much of which had been designed 15 years ago (remember what cell phones looked like back then? - we've come a long way) and replaced it with newly redesigned ...

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