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Book Review Roundup

21 Sep 2016, 15:10 UTC
Book Review Roundup
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Run — don’t walk — to your nearest bookstore!
It’s now been five months since my book The Value of the Moon was published and I am happy to report that it has been well received. Let us hope that more people will see the value to lunar return and the development of cislunar space as time goes on.
Here is a very complimentary review post recently published by a blogger named “sagansense”:
I just finished ‘The Value of the Moon’ by geologist/lunar scientist Dr. Paul D. Spudis, and I implore you – yes you – to read this cover to cover, as it illuminates the past 50+ year debacle that is the American space program; notably, the human spaceflight sector, and why the Moon – not Mars – is the logical choice for humankind to gain a foothold to the rest of the solar system.
I couldn’t have put it better myself!
Other reviews and mentions on-line:
Dave Eicher in Astronomy magazine. Thanks, Dave for your very nice review — it was the first one published!
Frank Morring in Aviation Week and Space Technology.
Dennis Wingo at his blog.
Astronaut Tom Jones in Aerospace America.
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