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Art-chitecture from Mars

Pertinent Media

20 Sep 2016, 20:48 UTC
Pertinent Media
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So now the mission is over (hooray!) and we’ve spent the last few weeks doing our debrief, getting settled back into our lives (school, boo!)
So below, I’ve attached some of the stuff I actually have the links for. Podcasts for the mission, local news, a bit of radio, you get the idea. Just the outreach for the mission that’ll help people know what we’re doing and why. Feel free to tweet or facebook or whatever the links and help the cause!
WeMartians Podcast
Bytemarks Cafe interview on HPR
New Atlas thingy!
Another Hawaii Public Radio thing
There’s a bunch of other random stuff of course, I was talking with the media guy from UH while he was ferrying Carmel and I around to some of the above interviews, and apparently there’s over 2000 stories about the mission out in the world at large. I mean sheesh!
Honestly, half the reason I’m posting these is because I always feel like I never put up enough pictures of the crew or videos/GIF’s of the time spent actually in mission, and now…you’ve got videos and professionally edited audio, haha! Way better than anything I could ever do, so now any of you ...

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