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Art-chitecture from Mars

New Art! The Wormhole

22 Mar 2016, 00:45 UTC
New Art! The Wormhole
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So I finally managed to finish a new art piece, took a long time to put all this together with thesis and the like, but just took a day for myself yesterday and knocked out the last bits that needed to come together for it. As always, we’ll start with the process!
Some of the earliest sketches, just figuring out how big I’d like the worm to be, should the worm come in from the front or the back of the apple, texture or smooth, you know, getting a handle on things.
I’d had this idea to do a wormhole from way back in Fall semester while I was in China, I have a few little ink doodles from back then which just look like a brain fart, but the idea of a worm going through an apple and being itself made of space and stars was appealing. I mean who doesn’t love a space pun right?
Finally decided on having the worm exit from the front of the apple on both ends, and I’ve started trying to get some sort of composition going. It’s curvy motion around a central object, so it’ll be fairly static to begin with, and ...

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