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Pluto: What a Journey!

4 Aug 2016, 17:05 UTC
Pluto: What a Journey! NASA
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This blog is from Hal Weaver, who joined the New Horizons team in May 2002, his first assignment after taking a job at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. He started out as the principal investigator for the LOng Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) and in 2003 became the New Horizons project scientist.
Now that most of the New Horizons science data have been downlinked to Earth, it seems only fitting to reflect on the long journey that took us to the frontier of our solar system. Below are some personal memories I’d like to share about this incredible voyage of discovery.
The pre-launch years were a time of intense activity for the New Horizons project. As soon as New Horizons received its funding in 2002, the team worked feverishly to deliver the spacecraft to Kennedy Space Center in time for the earliest possible launch window and the shortest flight time to Pluto. As we struggled to deliver the systems and instruments to the spacecraft during the spring of 2005, the payload team started having Sunday morning telecons to stay on track. This was typical behavior across the New Horizons project—people doing whatever it took to meet the looming deadlines. ...

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