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Carnival Of The Space Geeks: The Oscar Edition?

9 Mar 2010, 23:44 UTC
Carnival Of The Space Geeks: The Oscar Edition?
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Ian O’Neill of AstroEngine fame is hosting the 144th Carnival of Space over upon Discovery News (Space), with last weeks theme being that of the Oscars
Articles linked ranged from images of super massive black holes to the theory of the multiverse as well as remembrances of a space artist who recently passed away (RIP Robert McCall).
Interesting posts highlighting our attempts to advance the final frontier included:

Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy highlights a lunar cave that could be the first stop in humanities quest to conquer the Moon.
Emma from We Are All In The Gutter keeps us lunar side by mentioning how micro-meteors and Moon dust can damage lunar gear.
Dr. Bruce Cordell of 21st Century Waves forecasts the next decade which is not only full of stars, but also “very bumpy” (at least for the US).
Irene Klotz (from Discovery Space) mentions President Obama’s visit to Florida in an attempt to convince those in the sun shine state that cancelling Constellation is good for America (even if it means Florida suffers a bit)

Be sure to visit the rest of the entries, as well as Universe Today for those of you interested in joining the upcoming ...

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