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Preparing for Liftoff

Separation of Sentinel-1B

25 Apr 2016, 22:02 UTC
Separation of Sentinel-1B
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It has been four difficult days due to three launch aborts: two delays due to bad weather conditions and one because of an anomaly on the Soyuz rocket. Finally Sentinel-1B has been placed into orbit.
After months of preparation the Sentinel-1B teams have rehearsed the launch preparation and flight procedures to perfection, baring remarkable similarities to a musical ensemble preparing for their final piece. The preparation activities compounded with the additional launch delays have exhausted the teams to their limits but the effort has been worth it: Sentinel-1B is finally flying.
Liftoff team.
Despite the delays, Sentinel-1B remained resolute during each of the aborted countdowns with the closely monitored telemetry readings almost identical to her twin sister, Sentinel-1A.
Sentinel-1B is now orbiting the Earth in the dark silence of space. But not alone! She is now flying in formation with Sentinel-1A. The two satellites will eventually fly in the same orbit, 180 degrees apart. Sentinel-1B will soon join her sibling, Sentinel-1A, to extend the essential services to the users and make Sentinel-1 the first complete mission for Copernicus.
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