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Mimas and Calypso Rev 126 Flyby Raw Preview

16 Feb 2010, 07:15 UTC
Mimas and Calypso Rev 126 Flyby Raw Preview
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Cassini is headed towards that small moon.
That’s no small moon, That’s a Space Station!
oh wait, yes it is just a small moon.
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February 15, 2010
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Latest images from Cassini’s flybys of Saturn’s `Death Star’ moon, Mimas, and one of its small moons, Calypso, are now down on the ground.
If you love surfaces covered with craters and coated with icy debris, check them out at http://ciclops.org .
Carolyn Porco
Cassini Imaging Team Leader
Director, CICLOPS
Space Science Institute
Boulder, CO

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