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Rocketology: NASA’s Space Launch System

Making a Lot of Fire in Two “Easy” Steps

10 Mar 2016, 19:48 UTC
Making a Lot of Fire in Two “Easy” Steps
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On one end of the technology spectrum, you have rocket science, mastering the laws of physics to allow human beings to break the chains of gravity and sail through the void of space.
On the other end, you have the earliest humans, first learning to use the world around them in innovative ways to do things they previously couldn’t.
What do these two extremes have in common? Making fire. Just like the secret to learning to cook food was mastering the creation of flames, creating fire is also the secret to leaving the planet.
We just use a much bigger fire.
Solid rocket motors and liquid-fuel engines will work together to propel the first SLS into space.
If you’ve watched the first video in our No Small Steps series you’ve learned why going to Mars is a very big challenge, and why meeting that challenge requires a very big rocket. In the second installment we talked about how NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) builds on the foundation of the Saturn V and the space shuttle, and then uses that foundation to create a rocket that will accomplish things neither of them could.
Now, the third No Small Steps video takes ...

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