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Preparing for Liftoff

Job done

18 Feb 2016, 17:00 UTC
Job done
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By now I think you already know how the last few days have gone – we have a mission!
Last words from Sentinel-3 Project Manager Bruno Berruti. (ESA)
The launch went perfectly, even if during the countdown we had a couple of little issues that disturbed our activities: first a power outage of few milliseconds at the MCC which, even if it didn’t stop our electrical ground support equipment working, added a bit of spice to the day … which remained GREEN from beginning to the end.
During the last two hours before the launch, we had some uncertainty about the wind conditions because a measurement from the balloons used to check the wind speed at different heights gave an odd reading. The measurement had to be repeated to confirm that the reading was incorrect and that conditions were green for launch.
Finally, the launch took place and everything was perfect: orbit injection within 1 sigma from nominal conditions, immediate deployment of the solar array, smooth connection to the ground with associated Telemetry & Telecommand functions working perfectly.
In less than three orbits the satellite was in the safe ‘parking’ orbit targeted for the launch and early operation phase (LEOP) ...

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