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Preparing for Liftoff

Launch fully rehearsed

15 Feb 2016, 09:56 UTC
Launch fully rehearsed
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Let's start from the conclusions and immediately state that the dress rehearsal was successful and now everything is ready for the real launch on tomorrow.
Yesterday morning the early team left for the MIK where the first hours of activities took place – up to the full switch on of the satellite. At midday the second team left for the MCC, ready to start their activity approx. six hrs before launch and to take over control of the spacecraft for the last 3 hrs before liftoff.
Rehearsing for liftoff. (ESA)
In parallel, the last electrical checks were being done on the launcher performed. Everything went was fine.
At the same time, some people from each team were busy emptying offices at the MIK and packing hardware to be returned home.
In the evening, the lead of the satellite and launcher teams met and exchanged the respective certificates stating that both elements are fully ready to proceed towards the launch.
Rehearsal room at Plesetsk. (ESA)
These two certificates constitute the input to two important meetings today. The first was the Russian Technical Commission confirmed the GREEN status of all elements required for the launch of Sentinel-3A and authorised the fuelling of ...

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