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Preparing for Liftoff

Full dress rehearsal starts

14 Feb 2016, 08:19 UTC
Full dress rehearsal starts
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This morning we started the official dress rehearsal of the countdown with all parties involved – it started at 08:22 CET.
So we’ve now entered the phase when the game is played mainly sitting in front of computers.
Rehearsing countdown. (ESA)
The fully integrated launch vehicle, including the payload, is now standing on the launch pad undergoing the last preparatory activities on launcher side.
Yesterday, we performed the ‘pre dress rehearsal’ – the one ‘internal’ to the project to verify the correct sequence and duration of each countdown step. Nevertheless, ESA’s European Space Operations Centre ESOC connected for the duration to listen in, just to ensure all links are OK.
Rehearsing in Plesetsk. (ESA)
In parallel to preparing for launch day, the formal certification of the readiness to launch (Launch Readiness Review LRR) is being prepared.
We received separate LRR presentations from ESOC and from Thales Alenia Space confirming their respective readiness with the only open point being today’s successful completion of the full dress rehearsal.
The Russian dress rehearsal also takes place in parallel but it will end before ours. At the end of it, they will be ready to confirm launcher vehicle readiness.
Similarly, we will be able ...

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