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Rocketology: NASA’s Space Launch System

What’s A Spacecraft Factory Like? Think Big!

11 Feb 2016, 20:52 UTC
What’s A Spacecraft Factory Like? Think Big!
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“I’ve been to the Smithsonian,” said one awed observer. “I’ve seen crew capsules before. They’re not that big!”
Last month, welding concluded on the pressure vessel, the basic structure of the Orion deep-space crew vehicle. Workers from around the country who had prepared components and materials for the spacecraft were invited to NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility outside New Orleans to see the culmination of their labor before it was transported to Kennedy Space Center in Florida for completion.
The Orion team at the Michoud Assembly Facility poses with the Exploration Mission 1 crew module pressure vessel prior to its transfer to the Kennedy Space Center ,where it will undergo final assembly in preparation for flight in 2018.
Even to those who helped build it, and even in that unfinished state, Orion was an impressive sight. Workers found themselves standing feet away from the core of a spacecraft that will travel around the moon, farther into space than Apollo ever went, and then return to Earth; hardware that they had helped create. And even though they had seen components of it, some expressed surprise at the size of what they’d helped build.
From a big crew vehicle to a big rocket ...

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