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Preparing for Liftoff

Ready to meet rocket fairing

9 Feb 2016, 11:37 UTC
Ready to meet rocket fairing
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Sentinel-3A is ready to be sealed from view inside the Rockot fairing so today we will be saying good-bye to our baby.
Sentinel-3A ready to meet fairing. (ESA-S. Corvaja)
Most of yesterday was spent removing ‘non-flight protections’, i.e. items that do not go into space and have to be removed from the satellite. So this involved, for example, removing protective covers from the instruments and antennas. In addition, we also finalised the protective multilayer insulation around critical elements.
In parallel, Khrunichev finalised the multilayer insulation on the Breeze upper stage of the rocket and fixed all the electrical connections between the Breeze and the launch adapter.
Sentinel-3A atop Rockot upper stage. (ESA-S. Corvaja)
Thales Alenia Space then switched on the satellite and did some electrical tests which that everything was all ok.
A meeting between the thermal experts clarified the thermal conditions and settings to be used when the satellite is at the launch pad.
The team also visited the vault to configure the NDIU router for the connections between ESA’s European Spacecraft Operations Centre ESOC, the satellite and our electrical ground support equipment for when the satellite is taken to the launch pad.
By about 16:00, Sentinel-3A was ready ...

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