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Dear Space Geeks, Obama Is Right (NASA Woes)

30 Jan 2010, 03:38 UTC
Dear Space Geeks, Obama Is Right (NASA Woes)
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After news broke out that President Obama is ending NASA’s dreams of establishing lunar bases, the reaction from the pro space community was rather “less than thrilling.”
(Lunar News Network) It’s all over. The U.S. is getting out of the manned space exploration business. The Obama Administration has decided not to fund the Constellation program. NASA will not return to the Moon and go on to Mars and beyond. The dream is dead.
(The Write Stuff) Administration officials and a former astronaut on Wednesday called President Barack Obama’s plans for NASA “exciting” and “bold”, saying that he was replacing a failed moon program with a new $6 billion project to develop commercial rockets capable of taking astronauts into orbit. [...]
But conspicuous by its absence was any mention of a commitment to develop a new government owned and operated “heavy-lift” rocket capable of taking humans beyond the low Earth Orbit.
While some see this move as killing America’s future among the heavens, this manuaver will actually force NASA to do something that they should have done from the very beginning–aggressively partner with the private sector (aka New Space).
In fact, this is actually what President Obama proposed when ...

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