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Preparing for Liftoff

Into position

15 Jan 2016, 10:24 UTC
Into position
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According to the Russian Orthodox calendar the New Year started yesterday, so “Happy Russian New Year!”
So, since getting back into the cleanroom we’ve taken Sentinel-3A out of the storage container and it is now in a vertical position and on the fuelling platform, ready to be switched on today.
Launch campaign well and truly resumed (ESA)
Before opening the container, the first job for our quality assurance experts was to inspect the cleanroom to make sure it was still clean and check the temperature and humidity levels. It turned out that the room housing the container needed some extra cleaning to bring it up to spec.
Once the level of cleanliness, temperature and humidity had all been approved we could get on with the task of opening the container in which Sentinel-3A had been sleeping since just before Christmas. It was really good to see our baby again!
Opening the container (ESA)
The next thing to do was give the satellite a really good check and a few things like finishing off the multilayer insulation and removing some ‘non-flight’ items. We were able to take advantage of the satellite being in a horizontal position, which made some places easier ...

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