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Blog carnivals

2 Aug 2008, 16:54 UTC
Blog carnivals
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Blogs are a great way to see what other people think and talk with each other. However, a single blog only includes what its writers express, so you could miss the chance to read great stuff in other blogs if you simply follow a fixed set of blogs. Blog carnivals overcome this by linking to multiple blog posts in a certain topic, so you can expose yourself to great content in blogs you’ve never been to before.

I’ve seen interesting content via blog carnivals, and I’ve also participated in a few myself:

The Tangled Bank #108, where I talked about causal dynamical triangulations
Carnival of the Godless #96, where I talked about how unconvincing arguments from incredulity for the existence of a god is
Carnival of Liberals, where I talked about how even a police state cannot stop terrorism
Rants carnival, where I rant about North Korea killing a tourist
Carnival of the Godless #97, where I suggest a way to placate the Catholics

If you like reading blog posts in certain fields but can’t dare to follow every single blog in the world which talks about the subject, then chances are that there is a blog carnival you could ...

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