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Why I am not a Republican

7 Sep 2008, 12:17 UTC
Why I am not a Republican
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I’m a rather conservative person. I believe in a fiscally conservative government. I have a conservative lifestyle, where I avoid vices such as gambling or drinking. I’m sexually conservative, with cheating on a sexual partner being unthinkable, and in fact I don’t make sexual partners easily in the first place. (Some think that I’m too conservative on this point.) I strongly believe that a stable family environment is important. Given all this, why am I not a Republican?

It’s because being a Republican really has little to do with what I want. Republicans are responsible for a huge federal government with record deficits. I have absolutely no interest in controlling the behavior of other people as long as they do no harm to others, but a major part of the Republican agenda has been all about controlling people, be it religion, sexuality, or even plain old speech and thinking. I want government policies that are based on reality, not policies which are based on pure fantasy, policies whose justifications need to be fabricated despite scientific evidence to the contrary. I want diversity, not conformity.
That’s why I so despise the new vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. I don’t care at ...

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