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Being moral is in the eyes of the beholder

9 Sep 2008, 06:24 UTC
Being moral is in the eyes of the beholder
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My immediate reaction at seeing how a religious believer claimed to have answered Christopher Hitchen’s challenge to name one moral action performed by a believer that can never be done by an unbeliever was to snort at it and wonder on what planet it could be considered a moral action. What makes “loving a god” any different from “loving (blank)”, with the blank filled in with anything? Nothing except for answers that boil down to “just because”, which is sorely lacking for someone who doesn’t even believe that a god exists (for most definitions of a god).

WTC collapse
But thinking on it further, prodded by the comments, there did seem to be a point to the claim that there are actions considered moral by believers that would never be considered as such by atheists. The point is supported by the fact that morality is a purely human construct, based on biology and society, so morality can be very different depending on the person. The supposed genocide of the Canaanites by the Jews as commanded by God, the Holocaust during World War Two by the Germans, the crashing of airplanes into buildings by extremist Muslims, these were all considered morally ...

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